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ISD9160 Voice Recognition Audio Grove Platform Evaluation Expansion Board

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$ 52.800,00 IVA Inc.


Use voice to interact with things around you can always be one of the most interesting things of IoT application, we want to make something more different and cooler.

Recently we just launched the voice control solution “Respeaker” on Kickstarter and it becomes the blockbuster.

However not everybody needs a Respeaker to build voice control project, sometimes people only need a simple solution, here we would like to introduce the first generation of grove speech recognizer to realize your dream of smart home easily and fast.

Application Ideas
 Internet of Things
 Smart House
 Human Machine Interface
 Lighting Control
 Sensor Hub
 Robot

 Local Voice Recognition
 Very low rate of false triggering
 Speaker connector(JST2.0, speaker is not include)
 Built-in microphone
 3.⅗V working voltage
 22 recognition entry
 Default Baudrate: 9600


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