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1. FT245RL

USB independent chip for parallel FIFO bidirectional data transmission interface

Complete USB protocol processing chip-no specific USB firmware programming required

Based on 4-wire handshake connection, simple interface for MCU/PLD/FPGA logic

Data transfer rate up to 1 Megabyte/second-D2XX Direct Drivers

Data transfer rate up to 300kilobyte/second-VCP Drivers

256-byte receive buffer and 128-byte send buffer, using buffer smoothing technology to achieve high data throughput

2. USB interface

Provide two types of mini USB and type A USB interfaces to choose from

3. VCCIO power supply jumper

The jumper cap can be used to jump to VCCIO to access 5V or 3.3V voltage (VCCIO can be used to supply power to the VCC pin of the access board)

4. Power indicator

Module power indicator, easy to check the power supply status of the module

5. Interface

Connect to the corresponding interface of the single chip microcomputer

PIN Name Type Description
VCCIO Power supply It can be used to supply the FT245 chip or power to external devices, and can be set to 3.3V or 5V through the VCCIO jumper
GND Power supply Power ground
D0~D7 Input Output FIFO data bus bits 0~7
NC NC Dangling
RST# Input Used to reset FT245
PWREN# Output After the USB configuration is successful, it is set low, and is pulled high when the USB is terminated
TXF# Output Does not write to FIFO when pulled high, data can be written to FIFO when TXF# is pulled low, and WR# is pulled high
RXF# Output Does not read FIFO when pulled high, when RXF# is pulled low, and RD# is pulled low, valid data of FIFO can be read
WR# Input Write to FIFO when pulled low
RD# Input Read FIFO when pulled low

Package includes:

1 x FT245 USB FIFO Board

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