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14-37 pulgadas LED LCD Retroiluminación de TV universal Placa de controlador de corriente constante (CC) Módulo de aumento de tension de 10.8-24V a 15-80V

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Módulo de alimentación retroiluminado TV

1. 14-37 pulgadas LED Backlight Lamp Driver Board Constant current board

2.BOOST structure,Conversion efficiency reached more than 92%

3.Low heat of the device, estability,have a longer service life

4.The PCB is small,Slim design,Slim design,Slim design,Slim design,Control de error within ± 5%

5.This product is constant current board, voltage is automatically adapted


Common Electronic symbolic code of Backlight:

VCC: The positive of voltage supply, Circuit supply voltage (voltage is usually 12V or 24V)

ON/OFF,ON,ON,ON,ON,ON_BL: Switch signal pin PWM,PWM,PDIM,VDAJ,BL-PWM: Brightness adjusting pin

GND: Ground (negative electrode)

LED+: the positivo electrode of Light emitting diode (lamp)

LED-: the negative electrode Light emitting diode (lamp)

The temperature rise is controlled at about 25degrees (Temperature rise = device surface surface surface Temperatura ambiente temperNormas)

Limit parámetros: When to 24 V entrada: Vout = 75 V Iout= 720 mA máx. or 60 W When to 12 V entrada: Vout = 75 V Iout = 400 mA máx. o 30 W

You can use the 12 V power supply to reduce the system cost Warm Tip Limit Limit Limit Interrefers to the the maximum capacity when product in the application process.In fact, please under the limitt parameters to ensure product reliability when using.

Tamaño de la placa de circuito impreso: aproximadamente 6,80 x 3,0 cm (2,68 x 1,18 pulgadas). 

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