Regulador Lm2596hv Ac Dc Step Down Dc-dc Itytarg


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LM2596HV instruction:

Input voltage range: 5V~22V ac, 5V-35V dc

Output output range: dc 3.3v ~30V
Output current range: maximum 2.5a
(the maximum current that the voltage stabilizer chip can withstand is 3A, and it can work at the output current of 3A in A short time)

  1. The power module adopts plug-in LM2596T with external heat sink, which can withstand high current.
  2. The input terminal adopts the rectifier bridge heap of 4A to input ac power supply, and has a special dc input port, which is generally used for ac and dc input.
  3. The output voltage can be adjusted, ranging from 3.3v to 30V. The output voltage varies with different input voltage ranges.
  4. Input ac voltage AC5V~AC22V or dc5v-35v. Due to the large fluctuation of ac voltage, the recommended ac voltage range has been reserved.
  5. The power module adopts plug-in LM2596 with external heat sink. The output current can work stably at 2.5a for A long time and 3A for A short time.
  6. PCB has the name of silk screen terminal on the front and the name of silk screen terminal on the back. Please recognize and resolder the lead to prevent damage

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