Kit Diy Fuente Partida +-12v 7812 7912 Itytarg


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Cod: GAW / kit de regulador de voltaje

Placa para montar una fuente de +/- 12V.


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$ 1.170,00 IVA Inc.


Matters needing attention

1. The bulk of the element type is more, if you have individual packets inside yo
ung components, hope buyers understand, don't cry because it is a little small re
sistance capacitance will give bad review, it is boring, you say is right, everyon
e playing video, this small components tend to be prepared, if not, find a demoli
tion waste circuit boards, of course we will do our best to do, Try not to let tha
t happen.

2. If some components, such as resistors and capacitors, are temporarily out of
tock, the seller will send other components with nearby values in line with the p
arameters of this kit instead, without further notice, thank you.

3. After welding, please self-help debugging, welding is not wrong, generally ca
n be successful, the components are used new, but any new components will be

broken, so we can not guarantee that you 100% of the success of welding, if th
e welding failure, the store is not responsible for.

We agree to re-shoot the 3 items in this article. If you have a poor foundation o
r do not have hands-on debugging ability, please detour. Thank you.

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