Ucc27423 Driver Igbt Y Mosfet Low Side Soic8 Itytarg


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The UCC27423 of high-speed dual MOSFET drivers can deliver large peak currents into capacitive
loads. Three standard logic options are offered – dualinverting, dual-noninverting, and one-inverting and
one-noninverting driver.

Using a design that inherently minimizes shootthrough current, these drivers deliver 4A of current
where it is needed most at the Miller plateau region during the MOSFET switching transition.

A unique BiPolar and MOSFET hybrid output stage in parallel also allows efficient current sourcing and sinking at
low supply voltages.

The UCC27423 provides enable (ENB) functions to have better control of the operation of the driver applications. ENBA and ENBB are implemented on pins 1 and 8 which were previously left unused in the industry standard pin-out. They are internally pulled  up to VDD for active high logic and can be left open for standard operation.

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