Nrf905 Transceptor 433mhz Gfsk 50kbps Max  Tx 10dbm  Itytarg Ver más grande

Nrf905 Transceptor 433mhz Gfsk 50kbps Max Tx 10dbm Itytarg


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Transceptor 433Mhz con antena

- Material: Circuit board
- Working voltage: 1.9~3.6V
- Standby current: 2.5uA
- Receive sensitivity: Up to -100 dBm
- ISM frequency: 433MHz, free license
- Receive / transmit mode switch time: < 650 us
- Max. Transmitter power: 10mW
- Transmitter mode Max. Current: <30mA
- Receiver mode Max. Current: 12.2mA
- Transmitter speed: 50Kbps
- Communication distance: about 300m
- 2-in-1 receiving and sending function
- Multi-point and frequency hopping communication with 170 channels. Realize group network, TDMA-CDMA-FDMA
- Built-in hardware 8/16 CRC checking for simple development and reliable and steady data transmission.
- Send and receive Max. 32 bytes, buffer 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 bytes 
- Address set via software, great for microcontroller use
- Built-in SPI interface, or via I/O port stimulation SPI. Max. SPI clock is up to 10m
- Standard DIP spacing interface, easy to embedded applications


  • Wireless meter reading, industrial remote control, low-power handheld equipment

  • Wireless sensing, security systems, Vehicle monitoring

  • Industrial data acquisition systems, bio-signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological monitoring

  • Control processing, wireless data connection, telemetry, small wireless network

  • Wireless meter reading, access control systems, paging area

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